Artificial Intelligence

Advanced technology for energy solutions

Advanced Technology

Artificial Intelligence and Solar

Solar energy is often thought of as a high-tech industry. However, when you look beyond the actual equipment, many solar companies lag when it comes to using technology throughout the rest of their business processes.

Aspen Power has invested significantly in advanced technology and has a dedicated group featuring an interdisciplinary mix of leaders to identify and implement advanced technology throughout the business.

Aspen’s Advanced Technologies

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Aspen Power uses AI to evaluate complex C&I rooftops to determine ideal solar panel placement and accurately calculate system cost and benefits. Using AI in this way allows Aspen to investigate and provide quotes on projects much quicker, helping us to start our builds before our competition.

Machine Learning (ML)

Machine Learning teaches an AI algorithm to improve over time. Aspen uses ML to improve our evaluation process to avoid incorrect assessments, thereby increasing the completion of any survey and proposal.

Data Analytics

By applying empirical data, regression analysis, heat maps, and scoring models, we are able to more effectively determine which geographies and industries hold the most potential. This provides greater efficiency in where we invest, which ultimately makes our solutions more affordable to our clients.

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Why Embrace Tech in Solar

Quicker Go-To Market

The above technologies enable us to do everything more efficiently while ensuring greater accuracy over the millions of variables that stem from solar installation projects.

Broader Footprint

The next decade will decide who emerges as the leading solar companies of the future. With AI, ML, and data analytics, we can make smarter bets on emerging industries and locations.

Better and More Affordable Services for Customers

Ultimately harnessing this technology increases efficiency and createds real cost savings, which we then pass onto our customers. It allows us to remain a favored provider for today’s leading organizations.

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