Carlyle-Backed Aspen Power Secures $241M in Financing to Advance Growth Initiatives

Our platform

Accelerating clean energy.

We’re a distributed energy generation platform with the dual mission of accelerating and democratizing decarbonization.

We partner with businesses, communities and others in the industry to develop, construct, and operate renewable energy assets and storage.

Community Solar

Lease your roof or land for additional income. We also work with solar developers to bring projects to fruition.

Commercial + Industrial

Leading businesses entrust Aspen Power to develop premier solar and storage projects.

Solar Development

Competitive and flexible financial solutions for solar developers and installers.

Public Sector

Aspen Power brings renewable energy developments to communities seeking energy savings.


A turn-key solution to increase property value, improve tenant experience and achieve Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG) metrics.


Create predictable and reliable cashflows from your property for decades.

“Partnering with Aspen allowed us to meet Title 24 requirements as well as ESG goals, while also saving money on our development expenses. The value of our property increased substantially without any of the headaches or burdens of having to own or operate the systems ourselves.”

Scott Cooper, Vice President , The Michaels Organization

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    Our services

    Commercial + Industrial Rooftop Solar

    Reduce electricity costs for the foreseeable future – let us tailor a program to meet your objectives.

    Solar Parking Canopies

    Offset fossil fuel use while increasing footcandles and providing customers and employees protection from the elements.

    Ground Mounted Solar

    Offset fossil fuel use while increasing footcandles and providing customers and employees protection from the elements.

    Battery Storage

    Reduce electricity costs for the foreseeable future – let us tailor a program to meet your objectives.

    EV Charging

    Provide additional clean energy amenities powered by solar.

    Artificial Intelligence

    We apply AI in solar development to optimize panel placement, predict output, reduce costs, and improve efficiency.


    Make your sustainable impact

    At Aspen Power, we believe in accelerating the clean energy future. If you’re looking for a career where you can make a positive, meaningful impact on the environment and society, explore our green jobs. The Aspen Power team is passionate about making a difference at every opportunity whether it’s in in finance, sales, engineering, administrative or legal.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

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    Solar energy is a clean, renewable, and abundant source of power that can be used to add a decades-long source of passive income for your family or business.

    Aspen Power provides landowners and businesses with guaranteed, long-term lease payments to develop solar projects on underutilized land and rooftops.

    This can be a straightforward and effective way to secure income while making use of space that would otherwise go unused.

    Contact us today to learn more about hosting a solar project.

    Fluctuating energy use shouldn’t hold your business back from considering solar. In many states, net metering or community solar programs can make solar a lucrative proposition for businesses of all sizes. With these programs, excess energy produced by the system can be sold to the grid, even if you don’t use all the energy produced on site. Aspen Power handles the details and works with all types businesses to arrange the ideal solution.

    Lastly – if your business’ energy needs vary, adding battery storage to a solar project can even out supply and allow you to take advantage of available incentives.

    If you’re interested in learning more about saving money and reducing your carbon footprint, contact Aspen Power today to see how we can help your business harness the power of solar energy.

    We recognize that the up-front cost of going solar can be a barrier for many businesses, which is why Aspen Power offers a range of solutions that don’t require capital expenditure.

    One such solution is a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA), where a third-party owns the solar system and your business receives electricity at a discounted rate. This arrangement allows the owner of the system to benefit from tax incentives, while passing energy savings on to your business, making it a win-win solution.

    Alternately, you may consider simply hosting a solar project on your property, allowing us to use your space in exchange for rent payments. This is a hassle-free way to receive income with no cost or investment required.

    At Aspen Power, we believe that every business should have access to the benefits of solar energy, regardless of their financial situation. Contact us today to learn more about our range of energy solutions.

    Solar panels require very little maintenance beyond the occasional cleaning. Solar panels have a lifespan of 25 years or more, meaning businesses can enjoy their benefits for a long time without needing to replace them.

    The Aspen Power team is passionate about accelerating the transition to clean energy. We are driven by our desire to make a real impact in combating climate change, and solving our clients’ energy challenges to deliver a more sustainable future for all.

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    C&I properties are great candidates for solar for many reasons. 

    First, these properties typically consume significant amounts of energy, leading to high electricity bills. By using solar, much of these costs can be offset, leading to substantial operational cost savings.

    C&I property owners also tend to feature large, unobstructed roofs, where solar panels can be easily installed without impacting aesthetics or sight-lines.

    While roofs lend themselves to the most straightforward installations, C&I property owners also tend to own large parking lots and structures that can be fitted with solar canopies. These canopies can provide benefits such as shaded parking, easier snow removal and lighting installations to improve safety.

    The first step is analyzing the property portfolio, energy use profile, and utility bills to identify where solar projects will work best.

    Take the first step towards your company benefitting from solar and contact Aspen Power today for a free, no-obligation analysis. Click here to get started.

    Aspen Power is a reliable, long-term partner, capable of providing swift and flexible funding solutions no matter what stage your projects are in.

    With a proven track record of funding over 100 solar projects across the country, we bring a wealth of experience to finding win-win solutions.

    We regularly assess portfolios containing dozens of solar assets, giving us the experience to move quickly and efficiently through the review process.

    Partner with Aspen Power today and discover the benefits of working with a reliable financing partner committed to helping your projects succeed.

    Whether you own or lease your space, Aspen Power can work with you to determine the feasibility of implementing a solar project.

    If you’re not sure where to start, get in touch, and we can guide you through the process.

    Kick off the process today by getting in touch.

    You either don’t have control of your roof or perhaps don’t have the resources to build a solar project, but you do see the value.

    We regularly work with our clients to develop solar projects that are owned by their landlord or Aspen Power, selling discounted power to the tenants.

    This is a common arrangement called a PPA (power purchase agreement) that offers a predictable discount to utility electricity rates.

    Solar power is an attractive option to review for communities looking for ways to reduce their impact on the environment and save money.

    Through shared solar systems and combined billing, we’ve worked with towns, villages, schools and universities to generate financial savings, jobs and reduced environmental impact.

    As a long-term partner for the communities where we have projects, Aspen Power can support local initiatives and provide educational programming for the next generation.

    Learn more about solar for municipalities and schools.

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