Our Vision

We believe that everyone should be able to access clean, renewable energy.

Our Mission

Aspen Power is a distributed energy generation platform with the dual mission of accelerating and democratizing decarbonization.

We partner with businesses, communities, and others in the industry to develop, construct, and operate renewable energy assets. Our experienced team is passionate about solving our clients’ energy challenges to deliver a sustainable future throughout the U.S.

Mission Guided

We are a mission-oriented company comprised of employees that are passionate about making a real impact in combating climate change through clean energy solutions.

Partner Focused

As developers, financiers, and asset owners, we are the right partner for a wide variety of commercial and community solar energy projects.

Value Driven

We create value for our customers through an interdisciplinary approach that unlocks capital and solves energy challenges from planning and procurement through construction and maintenance.

Unlocking Value for Partners

Industrial solar site from Aspen Power


Human and Capital Resources

Aspen Power funds all capital required for our solar portfolios and advance non-dilutive capital to unlock value ahead of traditional milestones. We collaborate on equipment procurement, contractor selection, municipal approvals, and interconnection all with an eye on value creation. Aspen can also lighten your load and bring customers, EPC, engineering, and legal resources to our partners.


Early-Stage Expertise

We specialize in early-stage distributed generation and battery storage portfolios. Our typical structure involves the acquisition and joint development of a pipeline or portfolio of projects with line of sight to completion in the next 12 to 24 months.

Self-storage sites with rooftop solar from Aspen Power
Aspen Power employees at a solar site


Passionate and Driven

We are passionate about accelerating the deployment of clean energy. We believe that community solar, behind the meter, and other revenue frameworks represent vast opportunities to increase participation and remove roadblocks to an interconnected clean energy future.

Share your vision with us

Learn how Aspen Power can help you create the sustainable energy future while adhering to a defined set of values that promote and sustain relationships based on high ethical standards and personal integrity.