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A commitment to the sustainable future

Public sector clients choose to partner with Aspen Power because we’re long-term partners who know how to deliver cost savings while improving sustainability and energy independence.

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Our experienced team forges stable partnerships to provide energy savings.

Work with our team to customize an energy solution for your public sector organization that best fits your financial and sustainability goals.

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Reduce energy costs and emissions

Solar panels offer a compelling solution for public sector clients seeking to reduce their environmental impact and energy costs. From universities to hospitals, public sector institutions can leverage solar technologies including rooftop and parking canopy systems to generate clean, renewable energy on-site.

Rooftop solar panels maximize existing infrastructure that is likely being underutilized, while solar parking canopies provide added benefits like protection from the elements while generating clean electricity simultaneously. By harnessing the power of the sun, public sector clients can reduce their energy spend, achieve their sustainability goals, and contribute to a cleaner energy future for their communities.

Client Types

Building reliable partnerships across the public sector.

While the public sector is highly diversified, one feature all our clients appreciate is Aspen Power’s emphasis on fostering relationships that span decades.



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