Unlock long-term recurring revenue with a solar lease

Leasing a portion of your land for solar development can create predictable and reliable cashflows for decades, while allowing you to maintain control of the property.

Aspen Power works closely with landowners to develop, finance, own and operate solar and storage projects from the initial lease option through development, construction and throughout the life of the solar project, including removal at the end of the project.

We have demonstrated a commitment to being a reliable partner to leaseholders, and as long-term system owners, we own the responsibility of being good stewards of the leased land as well.

A solar ground lease is an excellent way to generate revenue from existing land while making a positive impact with renewable energy.


43 MW portfolio of 13 projects



Roof, ground and parking canopy systems

Canton, MA


15 MW; groundmount, single axis tracker

Chambersburg, PA


5.76 MW; ground mounted, single axis tracker array

Grafton, OH