Community Solar

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What is Community Solar?

Community solar projects allow multiple participants to share the benefits of solar energy, even if they are unable to install solar panels on their own property. Typically, a solar installer will lease space on a farm or commercial building owner’s rooftop, install solar panels, and then connect the panels to the local electricity grid.

According to the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA), 5.6 gigawatts of community solar have been installed in the U.S. through 2022.

Community Solar Hosts

Generate Income & Bring Clean Energy to Your Community


At Aspen Power, we work with landowners and commercial & industrial building owners to identify opportunities to develop community solar (also known as shared solar or solar gardens). Aspen Power analyzes the property or portfolio of buildings and available incentives.


We make it simple for hosts to earn income from the projects – Aspen builds, owns, and maintains the community solar systems, as well as manages subscribers to the program.


There is no cost to the host, simple contracts, and no complicated hassles with the installation process. If you or your company owns available land or a large building with underutilized roof space, it can quickly generate a new passive income stream by leasing it to Aspen Power.

  • No upfront or operational costs: Solar developers typically cover all upfront costs, including the design, engineering, construction, and maintenance of the solar installation, and are also responsible for all operational costs.
  • Maintain Ownership: By leasing property you can keep control over the land for the next generation.
  • Recurring Income: Create predictable and reliable cash flows for decades to come.
  • Unlock Value: Monetize otherwise underutilized land or explore “agrivoltaics” that can harvest the sun while keeping your current crops.
  • Make a Difference: Support energy independence and earn money while doing so.

  • Reduced energy costs: Hosts can reduce their energy bill if they choose to participate in the community solar project as an anchor subscriber. They can also give their tenants the option, but not obligation, to subscribe.
  • Positive branding: Improve branding and help to position the building owner as supporting sustainability and clean energy.
  • Straightforward: Maximize the amount of space rented out to the solar developer. A conventional solar project would require that all the power produced be used on site, often limiting the scale of a project considerably.

  • Increased access to solar energy
  • Energy independence
  • Reduced carbon footprint for your community
  • Financial savings
  • Economic benefits

Learn how to receive rent payments for hosting solar on your commercial or industrial roof.

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Partner with Aspen Power: Bring Community Solar Developments to Fruition

Solar developers nationwide are capitalizing on incentives for and substantial interest in community solar projects. However, getting a project across the finish line can require resources not always readily available. Partner with Aspen Power for the following community solar services:

Project financing
Streamlined admin
Technical solutions
Legal expertise

Aspen Power partners with businesses, communities, and others in the industry to develop, construct, and operate renewable energy assets. Our experienced team is passionate about solving our clients’ energy challenges to deliver a sustainable future throughout the U.S., with hundreds of megawatts of projects financed.

Building a Clean Energy Future, Together

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