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Solar as an ESG solution

ESG OVerview

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) linked investments continue to surge in both size and influence.

Having quantifiable green goals is paramount for companies to develop ESG as a core competency and a source of differentiation. However, often ESG solutions are complicated, requiring extensive evaluation and dedicated resources.

Solar can be a timely and profitable solution that Aspen Power can help to implement.

Solar as an ESG solution is:


Solar is a straightforward ESG solution – it doesn’t require behavior change.


Solar has immediate impact on the ‘E’ in ESG – once a system is energized, it begins decarbonizing.

Financially Compelling

Solar can drive cost reductions, earn tax credits and generate income.

Frequently Asked Questions

Aspen Power regularly addresses the evolving ESG requirements that our clients face. Questions we can help to answer include:

  • Can’t we just solve our decarbonization challenges by purchasing renewable energy credits (RECs)?
  • Most ESG solutions seem complicated, expensive, and difficult to measure. How is solar any different?
  • Is solar gaining traction as an ESG solution because of mandates (corporate or government), the perceived stability of rates, or due to the competitive price of renewable energy?
  • What are the ESG metrics that customers and investors care about and how can they be tracked?
  • Are ESG mandates really mandatory, or can we just do the minimum to “tick the box”?
  • Do ESG solutions impact the bottom line? Are customers and investors willing to pay more for green energy solutions?
  • What are my options if my commercial tenants are interested in ESG solutions?
  • What role should ESG considerations take in corporate renewable energy procurement?

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