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Meldin Kajoshaj

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NYC Engineer Uses Programming and Advanced Tech to Propel a Sustainable Future

We tend not to think much about infrastructure. That is, until it’s not there.

Creating the custom technical infrastructure that Aspen Power relies on to connect with one another and successfully develop clean energy projects is an area of particular focus for Meldin Kajoshaj, Manager of Automation Engineering at Aspen Power.

“Concentrating on the company’s infrastructure is one of the main ways – perhaps the most important way – that I apply my technical skills in my day-to-day work”, said Meldin, who studied computer engineering at the City College of New York (CCNY).

Born and raised in Brooklyn, Meldin always had an interest in problem solving. Unsure about what career path he wanted to pursue, he took inspiration from the passion and fulfillment that his brother got from working in a high-tech field and ultimately chose to pursue computer engineering. Candidly, he admitted that the career choice also sounded both “cool and impressive” to his friends as well!

Having a cool job wasn’t what made Meldin stay the course, though. “I stayed on the computer engineering career path because of the almost immediate impact that’s created by the solutions we bring forward,” he said. “I’m able to work side by side with folks to help solve their business problems through programming and creating software solutions that are tailored to specific issues our company and industry as a whole are facing.”

The Automation Engineering team develops and applies cutting-edge technologies, such as machine learning and AI tools like optical character recognition (OCR), to optimize workflows across the organization. These advanced, in-house tools, like Aspen Power’s Document Analysis or Automated Project Estimating programs, generate faster turnaround times and increase productivity, resulting in an enhanced end-to-end experience for our customers.

Programming multiple interconnected systems is where Meldin sees the most potential to have an impact within the company, as well as in the renewable industry as a whole. “There’s a lot of creativity to what can be done.”

When thinking about how Aspen Power differs from others in our industry, Meldin commented that, “besides having a culture and environment that allows for everyone to feel welcomed and valued, Aspen has a real desire to expand its technologies in a way that will really differentiate ourselves as a distributed generation platform. We’re ready and willing to change the old manual way of doing things to allow a new age of technology that helps us make better, smarter decisions as a company.”

Leading the effort to bring automated project estimating and utility bill analysis applications to fruition has been a highlight of Meldin’s career thus far – an effort that, like infrastructure, would be largely felt by everyone in the company and beyond if it were not so thoughtfully and skillfully engineered by the pros.

At Aspen Power, our team is united by a shared mission to accelerate the transition to a green economy.