Multifamily Real Estate

Managing rising energy costs for multifamily

Aspen Power provides multifamily real estate (MFRE) owners with a turnkey energy solution that generates income, ensures code compliance, and improves tenant amenities.

There is surging demand for and increasing regulations around solar, battery storage and electric vehicle charging stations at multifamily properties.

MFRE owners can meet these demands with Aspen Power’s turnkey renewable energy solutions. Aspen’s project ownership structure enables us to achieve owners’ objectives by offsetting high electricity rates. Explore multifamily real estate renewable energy solutions with Aspen Power.

“Partnering with Aspen allowed us to meet Title 24 requirements and ESG goals, while also saving money on our development expenses. The value of our property increased substantially without any of the headaches or burdens of having to own or operate the systems ourselves.”

Scott Cooper, Vice President , The Michaels Organization

Compliance with state mandates

California Title 24 Compliance

Title 24 is a set of building energy efficiency standards in California that define various energy codes, including solar and battery storage standards. The code expanded in January 2023, requiring multifamily properties to provide onsite renewable energy.

Get in touch with Aspen Power to understand how Title 24 affects California MFRE and how to deploy solar and battery storage to bring your organization into compliance.