O&M and Project Optimization

Performance optimization is in our DNA, and we are committed to delivering optimal returns through continual improvement.


Our rigorous process ensures maximized asset ROI through proactive maintenance and premium operations.

With a nimble team and a focus on technology and innovation, we aim to ultimately reduce costs and increase efficiencies of our systems and returns for clients.

The Aspen Advantage

Advanced technology for maximum benefits.

With dynamic, integrated asset management systems and monitoring dashboards, inverter level and tracker position heat maps, advanced soiling analysis technology, and an in-house team to manage it all, Aspen delivers best in class O&M services that enable the maximum benefit from each solar project over its lifespan.

  • Inspection
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Asset Management
  • Production Reports
  • Warranty Management
  • Billable Services
  • Panel Cleaning
  • Outage Responses
  • Performance Guarantees

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