Tom Hunton


Tom Hunton brings over two decades of experience in all aspects of solar power planning, development, project finance, and project execution to his role as VP of Development at Aspen Power. He has been responsible for developing and implementing more than $1 billion in solar PV projects and over $180 million in battery storage projects. Prior to Safari Energy’s acquisition by Aspen Power, Tom worked with the company for nine months developing renewable energy projects across the U.S.  

He previously co-founded American Capital Energy where he served as President and CEO overseeing development, financing, and construction of hundreds of major solar projects across the United States. Tom’s additional experience includes head of Sales & Marketing at RWE Solar, a leading global manufacturer of solar wafers, cells and modules, and C&I Operations Lead at Green Mountain Energy Company, a start-up that quickly became the nation’s leading retailer of renewable energy. Tom holds a BS in Resource Economics from The University of Vermont and an MSA in Administration & Management from St. Michael’s College.