New Jersey Solar Incentives

Lease New Jersey Rooftop Space for Additional Income

Simple contracts, seamless installation, and no cost to host.

If your company owns a large building with unused roof space, it can quickly start benefiting from leasing out the space for solar to generate a new income stream. Much like renting out space for a tenant, just on the roof.

Turning your New Jersey Property into a Clean Energy Money Maker

Turning your New Jersey Property into a Clean Energy Money Maker

Hosting a solar project on your roof is an easy way to create a new revenue stream for your business without changing any aspect of your day-to-day operations or paying any upfront costs for the system.

Benefits of Solar Energy Systems for Commercial Buildings

Hosting a community solar project can immediately generate new income for property owners by leasing out underutilized rooftop space through a solar lease. This straightforward lease arrangement guarantees predictable, long-term cash flow for property owners.

Hosts are able to reduce their energy costs and improve their ESG metrics by subscribing to the solar system, and unlike a conventional solar project, no capex or tenant approval is required for property owners to install solar. Community solar hosts also create a positive impact on their communities by enabling local participants who cannot install solar panels on their own property to still benefit from clean, local renewable energy.

Benefits of Solar Energy Systems for Commercial Buildings


1. Aspen Power ensures your roof can accommodate solar

2. We handle all aspects of developing the project

3. Your company receives guaranteed long-term payments via a solar lease

Solar Infographic

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Learn more about how to receive rent payments for hosting solar on your commercial or industrial roof.

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Increase Business Profitability and Income by Leasing your Rooftop for Solar Energy

  • Generate additional revenue by maximizing use of underutilized space
  • Secure stable, long-term income without investing capex
  • Increase property value
  • Save costs by subscribing to the community solar program 
  • Attract tenants with solar energy
  • Improve your brand image and investor relations

New Jersey Solar Incentives

There are several incentives that make hosting a community solar project particularly attractive for commercial and industrial building owners in the Garden State.

Property Tax Exemptions

1. Under New Jersey law, solar systems are exempt from property tax. That means you can increase the value of your property without paying extra property tax for the added value.

“Solar Ready” Mandates

2. New Jersey passed a “solar ready” law in November 2021 that requires all new warehouses over 100,000 square feet to reserve up to 40% of their roof area for solar arrays. Leasing your rooftop for a community solar project allows you to meet local requirements without any capital expenditure.

Lower Energy Costs

3. Electricity prices continue to rise year after year in New Jersey. Hosting a solar project lowers energy costs for your entire community. Your company can easily subscribe to utilize the clean, low-cost energy that’s generated on the roof as well, but it’s not required.

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The Aspen Power mission

Monetize your Rooftop with Aspen Power

Aspen Power is a distributed energy generation platform with the dual mission of accelerating and democratizing decarbonization.

Our experienced team has helped customers unlock enormous economic value and drive significant energy savings by developing hundreds of distributed generation solar energy projects across the country.

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