Solar Parking Canopies

Maximize your space and generate value

Businesses and property owners are using their parking space creatively to achieve their goals

Ground-mount and rooftop solar systems are increasingly common. However, there are other innovative ways commercial sites maximize space and take advantage of clean power, such as solar panel canopies that are integrated with parking lots.

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Advantages of Solar Parking Canopies

Parking lot solar canopies are an increasingly attractive option for C&I businesses.

With solar panels raised above the existing parking areas, installations can generate electricity while providing shade and protection from the elements and UV rays for employee and customer vehicles.

These systems are designed so they do not impact the flow of traffic and parking capacity and can even be added atop existing structures. Solar parking canopies can also incorporate lighting for enhanced safety or electric vehicle charging stations for an additional green component.

Enhance tenant amenities

Visible clean energy solution

Ability to easily integrate with other clean energy technologies

Dual-use of space to create added value

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