Ground Mounted Solar

Optimized systems designed for peak performance

No rooftop, no problem.

Occasionally, C&I roofs are encumbered with vents, skylights, and other features that prevent optimal system design for rooftop solar.

In cases like this, companies with large properties often install ground mounted solar arrays nearby. In some cases, ground-mounted solar arrays may be the only option if the roof of the building or parking lot is not large enough to design the desired system or does not receive enough daily sunlight due to shading from trees or other structures.

Advantages of ground mounted Solar

In instances where commercial sites have underutilized land, ground-mounted solar systems are a great option.

These PV systems can be sized to maximize the use of available areas and match a client’s specific electricity consumption needs.

  • Productive utilization of idle land to generate both clean energy & financial savings
  • Optimal performance due to strategic placement
  • Highly efficient and easy to maintain

Interested in leasing your land for solar?

Many businesses have sufficient land for a ground mounted solar system, but don’t consume enough energy on site to be an end user of the green power. In these instances, owners can opt to host a community solar project on the land, guaranteeing long-term payments for their business and clean energy for their community.