Commercial & Industrial Rooftop Solar

Leverage unused roof space to generate value

Commercial and industrial (C&I) facilities with large, unused roofs are great candidates for solar.

Rooftop solar systems are carefully designed and positioned to maximize exposure to sunlight, without interfering with facility operations that may require access to other rooftop equipment. In addition, rooftop solar systems absorb harmful UV waves, reducing degradation and increasing the longevity of roofs.

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Advantages of Rooftop Solar

Utilize roof space to achieve financial, environmental, and ESG goals.

Candidates for rooftop solar are assessed for the structural stability of their roof, the amount of unobstructed roof space available, and energy usage data among others. Pending all the right boxes are checked, clients with rooftop solar panels benefit largely from the following:

Abundant clean energy sourced at the site

Efficient use of previously unused space

Financial gains from energy savings

Protection for the roof

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